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Our Current Global Crises is NOT a Disaster, But a Gift Designed to Pull Humanity Closer Together.

We PROMISED you that you’ll never ever worry, suffer or have anxiety attacks about the future of the world and how this will affect you and your loved ones.

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So far you should know:

  • Another challenge coming – gigantic Ecological crises.
  • Why these challenges are not negative events but really natural conditions that are being manifested by collective consciousness in order to “correct” certain conditions in the world today
  • Why we’re heading for a brighter future (you might not think so when you read the world news, but Gerald has a different view)
  • The heartbeat of connection and separation. How we as a species have come to a major threshold of separation. And now we will be forced to reconnect towards one-ness
  • What is a “Unity-Point” and why we all carry this and need to be reminded of this power than lies within us

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