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  • The Truth: How Uri Gellar was a victim of a rumor involving Saddam Hussein
  • The Power: Using dowsing hand-in-hand with remote viewing for a synergistic power to pinpoint elusive locations
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Major Paul Smith

Major Paul H. Smith is the student of Ingo Swann, the creator of remote viewing and Dr. Harold E. Puthoff, director of then CIA’s official remote viewing program at Stanford Research Institute.

Paul’s journey of in the field of remote viewing saw him begin in Project Star Gate and then into the Army. With operational remote viewing experience under his belt, he compiled and authored the Defense Intelligence Agency’s official remote viewing training manual.

Today, Paul Smith has the longest experience as a remote viewing methodology instructor of anyone teaching remote viewing today. He has also pursued a Doctorate in philosophy at University of Texas, studying the philosophy of mind and the nature of consciousness, which has added significantly to the quality of his remote viewing training.

He now conducts live remote viewing classes. For maximal training and focused learning, his classes have no more than two students per instructor. He is also the author of “Reading the Enemy’s Mind”, which was selected as the Book Bonus feature and Editor’s Choice in Readers’ Digest March 2006 issue.